Journals online, we’ve got you cover-to-covered.

Most Bradford College students will be aware that they are able to to access journals through an A-Z title search, or find articles using a Discover Search.

Sometimes you may just want to flip through a magazine in the hope of gaining some inspiration, or just to fill a bit of time. This is where the newly expanded online newstand the Library has can help.

Flipster is the Library’s online digital newsstand and it allows users to access to digital magazines from cover-to-cover (unfortunately any free gifts that may come with the physical copy are unavailable). The Library currently has a collection of 34 titles, with current and backcopies available to read.

Titles available include; ARTnews, Autocar, Black Beauty and Hair, Cycling Weekly, Early Years Educator, Four Four Two, Gay Times, Guitarist, Men’s Health, National Geographic, Nursery World, PCWorld, Popular Mechanics, Sight and Sound, Vogue, and Women’s Health.

To find out more visit our Library Online page to find the complete list of titles and how you can access them.

Flipster Logo

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