Spotlight on… MacMillan Explorers Social Work collection.

Explore our online library of Social Work books

MacMillan Explorers: Social Work Collection provides students and academics with unlimited access to a range of 200 high quality eBooks for Social Work and Study Skills books in the following areas:

  • Social Work Practice,
  • Social Work Skills,
  • Social Work: Theory and Methods,
  • Social Work with Adults,
  • Social Work with Children and Families,
  • Ethics and Values,
  • Human Development and Psychology,
  • Social Work, Disability and Mental Health,
  • Social Policy and Social Work Law. 

Unfortunately for students, eBooks from MacMillan Explorers do not easily download into our library catalogue. This means that you can’t currently access the eBooks in the usual way, via the library catalogue and then logging in to the individual title. Instead, at the moment you have to access the collection using the MacMillan Explorers link, and search or browse the books from there.

How to log in

Go to

Click on the blue Login button

Ignore the Personal Account option. Choose the Select Your Institution option and select ‘Bradford College’ from the list of institutions.

Log in using a your college ID and password 

You will be prompted to enter an email address (one time only) – use your college email address. 

You will receive a confirmation email – this may go into your junk mail. 

Copy the verification link within the email and paste it into a browser. 

You should then be taken back through to the explorers platform and be logged in.

Browse books within a collection

Click on the Social Work tab at the top to view the list of topics. Click on one of these to view the books in the collection.

You will see an image of the cover, the title and year of publication, and a short description. Click on the book title to see the contents and choose whether to View or see the Table of Contents.

From this screen you can also search within the contents of the book, share the book link or print the details.

Search books within the whole library

You will see the Search box at the left hand top of the screen.

As you type you will see some suggested terms come up – you can click on these or continue with your own keywords.

The results screen will bring up results where your terms were found in the full text of the book, or just in the book description. You can narrow these down to selecting the Media Type button and choosing Chapter or Book. You can narrow by date, list results by relevance or date, or select a book title to view.

Books are regularly updated

The advantages of MacMillan Explorers is that each time a print book is updated, the eBook will be updated automatically. This means that you should get quicker access to new editions. We are expecting to receive some new editions in August.


There are some excellent accessibility functions including selecting different colour backgrounds, ability to change the font size, and change the read-aloud voice and speed of reading.

Click on the Enhanced Formatting button which looks like this: Aa

You have the choice to change Text Size (4 options), Font, Mode (background colour and font colour), Margins, and Line Height.

The Margins can be very useful on some of the books as they sometimes display as a webpage rather than a book (ie across the width of the screen). This can be harder to read in my experience, so I often narrow the margin to be more like a print book.

Multiple devices

Access is unlimited, and books can be read on phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and Kindle Fire. 

We’d love to know what you think of MacMillan Explorers. Let us know, or if you have any questions, by emailing us at, finding us on Teams or going to our Online Chat at

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