Have you ever been to Emerald World?

Emerald Insight is our Business and Management-related database which also covers Accounting & Finance, Economics, Education, Engineering, Health & Social Care, HR, Marketing, Public Policy, Sociology, and Tourism & Hospitality.  You may have used it already if you use Discover which includes Emerald in its searches.  You may also have found articles from Emerald in Google Scholar – although you will only be able to access the abstract there.
However, it’s worth taking a look at Emerald as a standalone database.  It includes lots of useful features including a powerful Advanced Search allowing you to choose where to search for your terms (we recommend the Abstract option).


However, sometimes it can be better to run a wide search and then use Emerald’s filters to narrow down.   Emerald displays a list of publication titles, subjects, type of publication or keywords which you can click on to refine your results. Type can be very useful – you can restrict your findings to sources such as Research paper, Case Study, Viewpoint or Literature Review.


Once you open an article there are even more features that aren’t available in Discover or Google Scholar.


You can obviously view the article in PDF or HTML.  You can also view a list of the references with links where the article is available in Emerald. Perhaps even more useful is the Cited By link which will give a list of articles where the author has used the article in their own research. This can help you find more recent research on your topic.  There is also an option to see the most popular articles in the journal, the most cited articles, and also a quick search for related articles.

The library is promoting Emerald Insight during November 2016:

  • Come to the Library to find out more about Emerald
  • Pick up our guide on Emerald to learn how to improve your searches, set up an account, set up alerts and save in folders.
  • Ask your librarian for a demo or to come to talk to your class
  • Find out about putting links to key journals in your Moodle site
  • Enter our Emerald quiz – the first 20 entries will win a prize!

Contact us on askalibrarian@bradfordcollege.ac.uk

Blend your teaching with OERs!

Blend your teaching with OERs!

Whether you are planning a lesson which incorporates online learning materials, or just need some inspiration, you may find what you are looking for by having a look at OERs.

OER Word Cloud
OER Word Cloud

Open Educational Resources are no-cost materials developed for learning, teaching and research, which can be used fully or in part, and in some cases tailored to the needs of your own students. OERs may be openly available within our institution (such as shared worksheets or Moodle activities), in the public domain (such as YouTube, Slideshare or BBC) or on Jorum and other OER repositories.

While it can be difficult to find out if website resources are licenced for use, OER repositories hold resources that have been released under an open-licence meaning that there are no or limited restrictions on their use or re-purpose. And there are always our library materials which can be immediately added to your courses to add that extra learning opportunity.

Use Library Resources to encourage independent learning. Add a link to our Moodle subject pages and ask students to write their own guide on what is available in their subject. Link to our database list and ask students to find a newspaper report on a current topic. Students can add reviews to the Library Catalogue on books they have read, or create lists of useful resources. Dip into our excellent tutorials on Skills for Successful Study, to help with finding and using library resources, referencing and plagiarism, or direct students to our Moodle courses on Study Skills, Copyright and Current Awareness. Find images, sound and video clips from our databases of copyright cleared materials, or embed our video guides into your Moodle site from our fledgling YouTube channel. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for a chat on embedding online activities into your Moodle courses. https://www.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/student-services/library-services/contact-librarian

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