The Importance of Library Displays by Asif Rashid

The Library team promote our services and collections in a variety of ways to attract customers and improve information literacy among the students and staff at the college.

Library displays play an important role in helping draw the attention of customers (students and staff) to new books, special collection material, the items that are under-circulated and especially the items those are important for reading and studying but often left unseen.

Our displays may show off new books, celebrate important days such as Remembrance Day, or promote themes in line with college united values, vision and mission. We created the dsiplay below on Yorkshire Writers to celebrate Bradford Literature Festival.

We select books to go onto our display stands, and create striking posters to display and also post onto our social media pages. The poster below accompanied a display of books on mental health, positive thinking, self-image for the college theme of ‘self-care’.

Poster for our display supporting the college ‘Self-care’ theme.

We took part in the School and College Festival of Arts day, creating a poster and display using books from our Art collection.

The displays are changed regularly, and attract lots of customers to fulfil their interests (reading for pleasure) and information needs (information about particular topics). We believe that they have played a pivotal role in engaging reluctant readers through these displays.

Also, I would like to mention in particular the collaboration with ESOL tutors which has really flourished the idea of Information literacy and I can tell the pleasure lots of these books on the displays are attracting ESOL students to borrow these books and enjoy their reading as well.

Summer Reading poster

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