Inter-library Loans from Bradford College Library

When you are carrying out your coursework and research for your dissertation the Library is here to help. We provide over 70,000 printed and electronic books and access to the full text of over 60,000 journals online on all subjects that the College teaches. The books in the library are recommended by teaching staff to help with your course so  if you are researching your subject in more depth we might not always have the specialist books or journals you want.

The Library can still help though through our Inter-Library Loans service. You can put a request in by filling a form in on the Inter-Library Loans Moodle page and then we will ask the British Library if they have a copy of the book that they are willing to lend to us.  You are allowed to borrow the book for 4 weeks initially though you can renew if you want the book for longer, just let us know before the book is due back.

This service also applies to journals; fill in the form on Moodle telling us which article you want and we will approach the British Library on your behalf.  You will receive a photocopy of the article to keep.

Once you have filled in the request form on Moodle the Library will contact you through your College email to let you know the progress of your request so you should check your email regularly.

This service is heavily subsidised by the Library although we do have to charge a small fee of £2.00 for your first ten inter-library loan requests.

You can find full details of how the service works on the Inter-Library Loans webpage or the Inter-Library Loans Moodle page. Search for Inter-Library Loans on Moodle to see the course.